Muslim Home Schooling

WEB RESOURCE The video segment from Religion and Ethics Weekly interviews various Muslim parents and children in America who are homeschooling. It provides a thought provoking view of how immigrant families struggle to maintain culture and religion while at the same time becoming American. Recorded April 23, 2010

Chosen Nation: The Influence of Religion on U.S. Foreign Policy

WEB RESOURCE In putting forth his foreign policy, President George W. Bush speaks of the United States having a "calling" or "mission" hat has come from the "Maker of Heaven." Yet, while he uses explicitly religious language more than his immediate predecessors, there is nothing exceptional about a U.S. president resorting to religious themes to explain his foreign policy. U.S. goals in the world are based on Protestant millennial themes that go back to seventeenth century England. What has distinguished Bush from some of his predecessors is that these religious concepts have not only shaped his ultimate objectives but also colored the way in which he viewed reality, sometimes to the detriment of U.S. foreign policy.

Secular Europe and Religious America: Implications for Transatlantic Relations

WEB RESOURCE According to a 2002 Pew Global Attitudes survey, there are striking differences in public opinion between the U.S. and European countries on issues such as the importance people attach to religion in their lives and the linkage they perceive between belief in God and morality. The survey shows that a majority of Americans consider religion important in their personal lives, closely associate religion and morality, and are more comfortable with religion playing a major role in public life. In contrast, Europeans generally place much less importance on religion in their lives, and indicators show that major churches in Europe are declining in terms of membership, recruitment of clergy, financial contributions and overall public influence. The Pew Forum convened distinguished experts Peter Berger, John Judis and Walter Russell Mead to analyze these differences between the U.S and Europe and to assess their impact on transatlantic relations.

Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA)

WEB RESOURCE At this interactive site, users may input a state, county or zip code to find a summary religious profile. This includes number of congregations, percent of total population who are members of the congregation, and average size of congregations.

Religious Lives of Political Leaders

WEB RESOURCE Article VI of the Constitution proscribes a religious test for holding any public office but the realities of campaigning suggest there may be a de facto religious test in American politics. Is this appropriate? How does a candidate's personal faith affect his or her political views? How do politicians navigate conflicts between their religious beliefs and the demands of office? Should religious morality influence views on social policy? EJ Dionne, Ross Douthat, and Damon Linker discussed the role of religion in the personal and public lives of our political leaders.

Muslim Diversity

WEB VIDEO & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Roughly half of the Muslims in the United States are African American and the other half are immigrants and their American born children. The Muslim American Society represents African American Muslims and the Islamic Society of North America represents Muslims who are mostly from Africa and Asia. This video from Religion & Ethics Newsweekly examines the differences between the two groups and whether the two communities can bridge the cultural gap that divides them. The video is supported by a background essay and discussion questions.

Islam in America

WEB VIDEO These six video segments with transcripts from the award-winning PBS series Religion & Ethics Newsweekly deal with various aspects of Muslim life in today's America.

Mormons in America: Certain in Their Beliefs, Uncertain of Their Place in Society

WEB RESOURCE This PEW Research Report is based on a survey of American Mormons. It compares Mormon answers to questions about various beliefs and practices and compares them to those of other Christians. It also explores how Mormons feel they are accepted in America.

Secularist Group Issues Report Critical of Religious Fundamentalism In U.S. Military

WEB RESOURCE Tension over what constitutes proper religious expression within the US military has significantly intensified over the past decade. This paper examines and analyzes recent reports and several prominent cases, revealing how religiously motivated behavior has increased over the years and remains either tacitly or overtly endorsed by senior military leaders. This report was authored by retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel James Parco, a former Air Force Academy faculty member and a leading critic of religious proselytizing at the Academy.

Religious and Ethical Topics

WEB RESOURCE Since about 75% of Americans and Canadians identify themselves as Christians, this section will mainly deal with the conflicts between some Christian sources and other elements in society. The Religious Tolerance site follows a very inclusive definition of the term "Christian." On this website, a Christian is any group or individual who sincerely, devoutly, thoughtfully considers themselves to be Christian.The range of topics is wide from abortion to women in the clergy.

If the Sikh Temple Had Been a Mosque

WEB RESOURCE This New York Times article discusses how Islamaphobia is becoming so mainstream in America that people are assuming that violence and Islam go together. n addition violence against people who even look Muslim is becoming more excusable.

Religion and the Environment

WEB VIDEO This Religion and Ethics ?Newsweekly focuses on what have been an unlikely occurrence only a few years ago. Now 80 clergy and lay leaders from a broad range of religions across the U.S., are converging on Capitol Hill to lobby Congress about climate change and protecting the environment. They are all part of a national organization of faith leaders known as Interfaith Power and Light, or IPL, which was founded by the Reverend Canon Sally Bingham, an Episcopal priest.

Religion Clause

WEB RESOURCE This legal blog on religious liberty court decisions, both American and international, is organized by date. Run by retired law professor Howard Friedman, this searchable site links to major legal websites representing a broad political spectrum.

Alcoholics Anonymous

WEB RESOURCE This Virginia Commonwealth University source provides an overview of the history and beliefs of Alcoholics Anonymous. It also discusses the First Amendment controversies related to use of AA in public institutions.

How religious literacy can save lives

WEB RESOURCE This opinion piece from the Religion News Service looks at the importance of understanding world religions from a health care perspective. The first issue in the article deals with the impact of Ramadan on the health of Muslims in America? What should doctors know about Islam to work effectively with Muslim patients during that sacred time? Other religiously based health issues are also discussed in the article.

American Buddhism

WEB VIDEO This video from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly examines the differences that have emerged between Asian-American Buddhists and European-American converts since Buddhism first reached America's shores in the 1840s. Asian immigrants to the United States brought their traditions and belief systems with them, giving Buddhism a foothold in the West as new immigrants found comfort in their native faith tradition. At the same time, Americans new to Buddhism discovered value and contentment in Buddhist ideas and ideals.