The Mormons

WEB VIDEO In this two-part series, FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE examine the development and growth of the Mormon faith. The first part chronicles the birth of Mormonism in upstate New York and follows its trek across America under the charismatic leadership of Joseph Smith. This episode also deals with the question, "Why should they be so hated?" as it analyzes the discrimination that the Mormons historically faced. The second part explores the social and political impact of the contemporary Mormon community within itself and on American society and fits the curriculum of 20th c. American history.

Historical Highlights of the Religion-Labor Movement

This article provides an overview of the relationship between religious groups and the labor rights in American history. It\'s an informative perspective on the movement toward justice for the least powerful throughout labor history.

Values that Shape the Market, Prof. Miroslav Volf

In this 19 minute video Miroslav Volf, the Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology and Director for the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, introduces students to issues relating to the interaction between religious values and market dynamics.

Material History of American Religion Project

More than just ideas and institutions, religion in America is a rich mixture of documents, objects, behaviors and people. Working from 1995 through 2001, the Material History of American Religion Project studied the history of American religion in all its complexity by focusing on material objects and economic themes. This site has a fascinating collection of documents, images of religious objects, etc. that put religion in the context of the rest of American history.