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WEB LESSON This lesson by Maria Gallo starts with the first of the three hypothetical cases involving the First Amendment, a scenario of state funding for textbooks. The issue debated is at what point the relationship between church and state violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. MS-HS

Religious Rights in Conflict

WEB LESSON This Constitutional Rights Foundation lesson explores the problems that occur when the two part of the First Amendment religion clauses conflict. Students perform a moot court activity.

Freedom of Religion: The First Amendment

WEB LESSON Part of the California On My Honor curriculum series,this lesson on religion is an in-depth exploration of the free exercise and establishment clauses of the first amendment. In this series of activities students explore landmark Supreme Court cases regarding freedom of religion and demonstrate their understanding of expression and exercise through application on sample cases. MS-HS

Are Bible Readings Ever Allowed in Public Schools?

WEB LESSON Go to the third lesson in the Bill of Rights in Action from the Constitutional Rights Foundation. After reviewing the three ongoing theories of the First Amendment, students apply these theories to deciding whether the study of the Bible violates the Establishment Clause. Appropriate for 9-12

You Are Free to Exercise

WEB LESSON This First Amendment Schools Project lesson provides five cases in which an individual's freedom of conscience comes into conflict with the interests of the larger society. Students will hear the arguments put forth by plaintiffs and defendants in each case, then deliberate on what limits, if any, may be placed on religious expression. Appropriate for grades 9-12

What Is the (No) Establishment Clause?

WEB LESSON This First Amendment Schools lesson provides the historic background of the religious liberty clauses of the First Amendment, then focuses on the establishment clause. After examining the tests used by the Supreme Court in establishment clause cases, students are asked to judge whether there has been a violation of the establishment clause in five situations. Appropriate for grades 7-12

Free Exercise of Religion in America

Web Resource & Lesson Activity When, if ever, may the government limit freedom of religion? The Constitutional Rights Foundation explores various examples of the Supreme Court's and Congress' efforts to grapple with this question. Learn the "legal tests" that have been constructed to balance individual rights and the public good. Students apply these tests to other cases. Appropriate for grade 7-12

James Madison and the Bill of Rights

WEB ARTICLE & LESSON The article gives the history of the writing of the Bill of Rights by James Madison. Students engage with the material through discussion and debate. Students do a close reading activity and take positions on and select the best of the various versions of the First Amendment religion clauses. Appropriate for grades 7-12

In God We Trust: Public Schools and Religious Freedom

WEB LESSON Most Americans today agree that the United States should not have an established church and are opposed to religious persecution in any form. There is still disagreement among citizens on the matter of one's freedom to exercise religious beliefs on the one hand, and our government's "wall of separation" of church and state on the other. Nowhere has this debate played out more dramatically than in the schools of America. This lesson by Peter Herndon is for high school.

First Amendment

WEB LESSON: This First Amendment Project of the National Constitution Center begins with the introduction of the First Amendment and the understanding of "Freedom of Conscience." Through educational videos developed for this plan of study, students will engage with deep and fundamental understanding of this freedom. The associated classroom materials engage students in examining primary sources that record the development of the First Amendment. In subsequent lessons, students will focus in-depth on the individual clauses of the amendment. MS - HS