Religious Groups' Official Positions on Same-Sex Marriage

WEB RESOURCE In recent years, same-sex marriage has been a contentious subject within many religious groups in the U.S. Here is an overview of where 16 religious groups stand on this issue that was written in July 2010.

Religions and Movements

WEB RESOURCE This ReligionLink site provides articles on everything from religion and football to religion and politics.

Death penalty update: Political debates, public opinion

WEB RESOURCE The legitimacy of the death penalty has emerged as a hot topic in the national conversation. Misgivings about the death penalty are often rooted in concerns about the guilt or innocence of death row inmates, or whether capital punishment is applied fairly, experts say. Oregon's governor declared a moratorium on executions and DNA evidence in a number of cases has led to freeing some death row inmates.

US Catholics - Pew Research on Political and Social Positions

WEB RESOURCE PEW provides statistical information about US Catholic political affiliation and social and political positions in relationship to other religious and non religious groups.

Religious Liberty in Public Schools

WEB RESOURCE This article by Charles Haynes of the First Amendment Center provides an overview of the challenges of religious liberty has been dealt with in public schools over the last 150 years.

Portrait of Jews in America

WEB RESOURCE This article from PEW Forum provides results from surveys about what being "Jewish" means to American Jews. It also links to other topics such as social and political views, and attitudes towards Israel.

Celebrating Christmas and the Holidays (Christmas), Then and Now

WEB RESOURCE This PEW Research Religion and Public Life article is a survey of how Christmas is perceived and observed by Americans. About half of Americans view the holiday as religious while a third see it as more of a cultural holiday. There are many other interesting statistics here.