The Origins of Religion: How Supernatural Beliefs Evolved

WEB RESOURCE This article in Live Science by Elizabeth Palermo is an analysis how the idea of belief and faith evolved in early humans. Live Science reports that there are many theories as to how religious thought originated. But two of the most widely cited ideas have to do with how early humans interacted with their natural environment in a way that gave agency and supernatural meaning to natural phenomena. Also the social binding aspects of shared beliefs also began during the early humankind era.

Hunter-Gatherers and the Origins of Religion

WEB RESOURCE As you can infer from the embedded source references, this article is academic in nature. However, it is readable and provides clear examples. Explanations for a natural emergence of religion have been debated for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. That debate has now turned to empirical approaches and testable hypotheses, many of them grounded in the framework of evolutionary theory.

Religious beliefs seen as basis of origins of Palaeolithic art

WEB RESOURCE The idea that palaeolithic art is based in religious beliefs isn't new. But for years, anthropologists, archaeologists and historians of art understood these artistic manifestations as purely aesthetic and decorative motives. A researcher in Spain now reveals the origins of the theory to Science Daily.

Art and religion of Neolithic period

WEB RESOURCE Short History scholars have argued that during the Neolithic period, there was a big turning point in the field of artistic creation. What shift in art depiction seems to be a turning point for religion in art and culture?

Neolithic Age: Society, Culture, and Religious Beliefs

WEB VIDEO This short video from PAATH describes the rituals, including religious ones, that became part of Neolithic life as people began to settle down in small communities.