Witch Hunt

WEB LESSON This Constitutional Rights Foundation lesson provides students with an understanding of the long history of the belief in witches. It also helps students compare witch trials to political trials such as Stalin's Show Trials and others. MS-HS

Languages and Religions of the United Kingdom and Ireland

WEB LESSON In the island countries of the United Kingdom and Ireland, why did the borders develop in a way that splits one island into two countries, while the other island is unified? This National Geographic lesson explores how language and religion can unite or divide peoples and countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland. Don't forget to download the less materials form the website. MS-HS

Languages and Religions of Europe

WEB LESSON How do cultural groups and country borders intersect in Europe? In this National Geographic lesson, students are introduced to the major language and religious groups of Europe. They explore how those groups align with and/or cross country borders. Then they compare and contrast a map of religious groups in Europe to a political map of Europe and identify areas in Europe where they might expect conflict over religion.