Issues Facing Western Religion

WEB RESOURCE As religious communities strive to adhere to the tenets and traditions set forth by their doctrines they continually come into contact with the opposing viewpoints of not only the contrasting religious philosophies of other faiths, but also from non-religion in the world at large. The major religions of the Western world face difficult issues every day that challenge the foundations of their faiths. This site outlines several of those issues.

Euthanasia and Religion

WEB RESOURCE Religion is deeply engaged in the moral issues related to life and death. This Religious Tolerance site focuses on the issue of euthanasia from the perspective of several world religions.

Homosexuality and Religion

WEB RESOURCE Homosexuality is a major topic in the news today. Religious views toward sexual preference have differed historically. This Religious Tolerance site describes the views of major religions today and historically.

Standing on Sacred Ground - Sacred Land Film Project

WEB RESOURCE A 2005 report by the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, titled "Beyond Belief," concluded: Sacred sites are the oldest method of habitat protection on the planet. Yet these biological and cultural treasures are under assault as are the people who have been safeguarding them for millennia. This site highlights the problem and the making of a film about it.