Belief Systems Along the Silk Roads

WEB LESSON This activity asks students to reflect on similarities and differences among belief systems. Using excerpts of translated religious texts, students are asked to organize these quotations into broad themes. The quotations will be posted on a Silk Roads map as reminders of how cultural interchange and belief systems are represented in the ancient and contemporary world.

Tet: Let's Get Ready to Celebrate

WEB LESSON Learn about Lunar new Year in Vietnam and why it is an especially good time to review good manners. Elementary

Rites of Passage

WEB LESSON Coming of age rituals bring people into new life phases and conditions. Many of these ceremonies celebrate the shifts young people make into maturity, underscoring this transition's significance and new phase in life. In this PBS lesson, students explore various traditional children's and adolescent faith-based rites of passage. They examine modern coming of age ceremonies - ones that are more secular in nature - and create a rite of passage that best reflects their personal life journeys. Resources include segments from RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY and Web sites. HS