Judaism - Five Faiths Project

WEB LESSON This Ackland Art Museum site of the University of North Carolina features an overview of Jewish beliefs and practices. This links to an object-based lesson, discussion topics, and transcripts of interviews on key scriptural topics.

Jewish Burial Practice

WEB VIDEO & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS This video from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly uses a mannequin to demonstrate the time-honored Jewish ritual of tahara, in which the dead are washed, purified and dressed in traditional shrouds before burial. In keeping with the Jewish belief of a communal responsibility to bury the dead, Jewish communities throughout the ages have established burial societies, called Chevra Kadishas, whose sole function is to care for the deceased from the time of death until interment. In this video, a member of a Chevra Kadisha explains the process of tahara and why it is considered one of the greatest mitzvahs or commandments to be performed in Judaism.

Traditions and Transformations in Jewish Culture

WEB LESSON This Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly interviews and video segments about Jewish culture students observe how traditions endure and transform over time. They learn about Jewish culture as a living, changing tradition, and they relate some of Judaism's traditions to their own lives. They also consider the relationship between religious traditions and secular cultural traditions.

Proverbs: At Home and Around the World

WEB LESSON Since proverbs are an ethical and literary tool in many cultures, this Read, Right, and Think lesson is a good model for teaching about Jewish proverbs from the Bible in a manner that is academic rather than from a single religious perspective. Use this lesson in conjunction with a list of proverbs from the Book of Solomon and Jewish tradition https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Jewish_proverbs

Teaching About Jewish Holidays

WEB LESSON The Institute for Curriculum Services: National Resource Center for Accurate Jewish Content in Schools provided this game type lesson on Jewish holidays. Elementary - MS

The Bible's Buried Secrets

WEB LESSON In this NOVA lesson students explore how linguistic analysis can be used to help identify sources of a text as well as relative time periods in which the text was written. This is one of the methods used by Biblical scholars to analyze early texts. MS - HS