Sikhism in America

WEB LESSON This lesson, adapted from a CRF lesson religious liberty rights of Sikh students, describes basic Sikh beliefs and then features student discussion of constitutional issues related to those beliefs as they might effect public school policy. MS - HS

Sikh - Sacred and Ceremonial Objects

WEB ARTICLE & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS This article with discussion questions describes the sacred objects and how they are important to Sikhs. Discussion questions guide students in how other religions also use sacred items that have similar roles in those religions. Students complete a worksheet. MS

The Boy with Long Hair - Teachers Resource Guide

WEB LESSON "The Boy With Long Hair" will help young children develop empathy and understanding for the feelings of others. This is not a story of one boy from one culture. This story has a universal theme for children from all cultures. This book has been included in the HSS Framework by the California Department of Education to be used by Grade 2 teachers. The activities in this guide will support the effective use of the book with elementary and middle school students.

The Lives of Sikhs Right After 9-11 - High School Sikh Lesson Plan

WEB LESSON Show the class the documentary "Dastaar" This is a short film on the post 9/11 backlash that Sikhs faced in several areas including hate crimes as well as employment discrimination. After watching the film, allow the class to brainstorm what they know about Sikhs based on this documentary. Students use both the documentary and resources about Sikh beliefs, culture, and values to write a report on the issues that Sikhs in America face today, especially since 9/11. MS-HS

"Why Do You Wear The Turban"?

WEB LESSON The goal of the lesson to learn about a particular religion called 'Sikhism'. Draw a turban on the board. Have students raise their hands to guess what this object is. When someone guesses, 'turban', (if not, you can guide them to the right answer) ask the class if they have ever seen anyone wear a turban. Then show them the commercial 'Why Do You Wear The Turban'? Level: E-MS

Kalsa Kids

WEB LESSON This is a set of lessons about Sikhism and a brief description of Sikh beliefs.

What is Sikhism?

WEB LESSON Write the word 'religion' on the board, and have the students tell you words related to religion. Some possible responses could be history, culture, God, practices, appearance, language, etc. Explain that while different religions can have different languages, appearances, or pasts associated with them, each is important to study because it helps us learn about people in the world and in America. This lesson discusses the religion Sikhism. researching Sikh practices, Sikh language, Sikh culture, etc. They may use the internet, encyclopedias, and other books to supplement their research. MS