Maui and the Creation of the Islands

WEB RESOURCE This video, adapted from material provided by the ECHO partners, presents the telling of the story, "Maui and the Creation of the Islands" by Tom Cummings of Hawaii's Bishop Museum. It features storyteller Kealoha Kelekolio, and is illustrated with images and graphics of the Hawaiian Islands. A related site to support this resources is Oral Traditions

Zoroastrianism: Definition, Beliefs & History

WEB LESSOM Major religions, like Christianity and Islam, have been popular since ancient times, but what religion was popular before these belief systems developed? This lesson explores the beliefs of Zoroastrians, one of the earliest forms of organized religion. This lesson requires registration into a course.

World Religions Santeria

WEB LESSON This Prezi lesson was written by Aleksandra Stefanovic. In addition to the visuals in the presentation, there is a transcript and information on rituals and characteristics of Santeria>

Free Exercise

WEB RESOURCE The free exercise of religion is one of the foundational principles of the First Amendment and yet its implementation can lead to very challenging constitutional questions. In this lesson students will learn what free exercise is and will examine four Supreme Court cases, including Santeria, to understand why and how the application of free exercise has changed over time.

Shinto: The Power of Rituals and Beliefs

WEB LESSONS Discovering Shinto: The power of rituals and beliefs... 27 pages of lesson plans and engaging activities about religion in ancient Japan. Source: World History Encyclopedia, lesson author Marion Wadowski