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How Do the 3Rs Apply in Schools?

World Religions on the Calendar

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inding common ground on issues related to religious liberty and the First Amendment in public schools. About the CA3Rs.

How do the 3R apply in Schools?

World Religions on the Calendar


The California Three Rs Planning Committee

The following people are the heart of the California 3Rs Project and are the vital liaisons to public schools, county offices of education, universities and colleges, and nonprofit educational organizations. They help develop resources for teaching about religion and religious liberty in public schools, organize programs in their regions, present sessions at conferences and institutes, and serve as local California 3Rs Project contacts.

Yvonne Contreras
Los Angeles County Office of Education

Keri Doggett
Constitutional Rights Foundation

Jennifer Elemen
Salinas Union High School District

Bruce Grelle
Religion and Public Education Resource Center,
California State University Chico

Jill Hatanaka
San Joaquin County Office of Education

Michelle Herczog
Los Angeles County Office of Education

Damon Huss
Constitutional Rights Foundation

Doreen Johnson
Imperial County Office of Education

Kimberly Lilienthal
Placer County Office of Education

Nancy Martin
Chapman University

Pam McGee
Fresno County Office of Education

Don Powell
Riverside County of Education

Olivia Santillan
Santa Clara County Office of Education


The California Three Rs Project co-sponsored by Constitutional Rights Foundation,
California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, and the Religious Freedom Education Project at Newseum

DISCLAIMER: This site is for educational purposes only. Constitutional Rights Foundation and the California Three Rs Project are not legal advocacy organizations and do not
provide legal advice or representation. If you have a particular legal question, CRF encourages you to talk to an attorney or advocacy organization that specializes in religious liberty issues.

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