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First Amendment Resources for Schools

Finding Common Ground (Scroll to first entry under “Religion.”)

Beyond the School Wars: What Every Publics School Can Do to Avoid Conflicts Over Religion – and Find Common Ground by Charles C. Haynes

Religious Liberty in Public Schools

Religious Holidays in Schools

School Prayer

Debunking the School Prayer Myth

Student Religious Practices

Public Schools and Sexual Orientation: A First Amendment Framework for Finding Common Ground (Scroll about halfway down the section of the page marked “religion.”)

Teaching About Religion

The Bible and Public Schools

Teachers’ Religious Liberties

Public Schools and Religious Communities

Release Time for Religious Instruction

Graduation Ceremonies

Charles Haynes Commentaries on the First Amendment

The following sites are not endorsed by the California Three Rs Project but have been recommended by scholars of religious liberties.           

Religious Liberty Resources for Schools

American Academy of Religion Guidelines for Teaching About Religion in K-12 Public Schools in the United States

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University

Religious Expression in American Public Life: A Joint Statement of Current Law-Wake Forest University

Religious Expression in American Public Life: PowerPoint Adapted for Schools

Religion and Public Education Resource Center

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

Religion in the Public Schools: Anti-Defamation League

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Teaching About Religion in Support of Civic Pluralism

Bill of Rights Institute

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Center for Civic Education

The Religious Freedom Page

First Freedom Center

National School Boards Association – School Law Issues